Troll-N-Tray™ Installation

  1. Locate the area you will be using to install your new Troll-N-Tray™. Measure 17 3/4" X 10 5/8" (we suggest double checking the measurements prior to initial cut, flange will allow for slight errors) and outline with masking tape
  2. Cut carpet along the tape line to create a clean cut.
  3. Cut a hole in each corner to allow starting and finishing points for your cuts.
  4. Starting in one corner, begin to cut out your hole for the new Troll-N-Tray
  5. Connect drain hose and hose clamp to the bottom of the Troll-N-Tray
  6. Insert Troll-N-Tray™ and secure with screws provided
  7. Place the foot control in your tray. YOU ARE SET TO TROLL!